Thursday, 24 April 2014

Something new.......

Its been a while since I did much with the blog/twitter account/Facebook page that i created to go along with the website.

Late last year I found full time employment which has limited the time I can spend on updating the website, however we are still travelling around France and around Europe on the weekends and on other holidays. As a result, I have a large number of photographs and corresponding stories of places both on and off the beaten track. I have been wondering what to do with these photos and stories and how I can integrate them into the things i started on

Inspired by something a friend of mine started on her Facebook page, I have decided to start a "where in the world am I?" game.

On Monday, and each Monday, I am going to put up one of my photos from our travels around Europe (and beyond) with the question "where in the world am I?". Then on the Friday I will put up the answer to where the photo was taken and how you can get there (normally using public transport).

I will put the photo up on this blog, and also on my Facebook page (search for us as Beyond Paris), so if you prefer to play on Facebook, feel free to like the page to stay up to date. I will also send it out via Twitter (@beyond_paris).

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